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Estate Appraisal & Liquidation Services Primarily in Lake, Marion, Sumter, Citrus & Alachua Counties, Including The Villages Florida
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We are compassionate, and it shows in our ownership and in the details of our work. Our President recently decided to donate his entire 2019 salary to multiple charitable entities that have a strong social and economic impact within our service area.  We sincerely believe that a social conscience is necessary in order to operate a community-based business.  We hope to broaden even more, our efforts to make our service area a better place, and we welcome YOUR ideas and suggestions.  carry a minimum of Two-Million Dollars Commercial General Liability, and Professional General Liability Coverage associated with our various services.  We will provide ACCORD certificates to all clients, indicating our coverage and licenses.  We can assist family members with this daunting task regardless of their geographic location.   We handle it all, and with no upfront or out-of-pocket fees.  Consultations are always free.

Reasons to Consider Our Services:

1.  Our services are conducted primarily within a 65-mile radius of the Villages Florida.  We know and specialize in Lake, Marion, Sumter, Alachua, Putnam, Citrus, Hernando & Orange Counties.  Our managing members have lived in Marion County since 2000, and understand exactly how to operate a successful liquidation sale for YOU.   We do traditional On-Site sales, Remote Sales, Buy-Outs, Consignments and Clean-Outs, though we have progressed to become the areas undisputed KING of Remote Estate Sales! 

 Need to liquidate your personal property but your HOA does not allow on-site estate sales?  We are the undisputed BEST at remote sales.  We will bring our trucks, trailers and people to your home, carefully pack and transport your property to one of the busiest sales venues in Central Florida, and SELL IT FOR YOU.  Our company outsells the average tri-county estate sale company by almost TEN to ONE!  You need to sell it - We can do it, and we can get you the most for it!

2.  We have a fully-certified and experienced personal property appraiser on staff with more than 29 years of consecutive experience, and over 42 years of consecutive secondary-markets, (ESTATE), sales experience, so your items will be correctly valuated, offering the best possibility for a successful sale conclusion.

3. Our people are prompt, professional and uniformed.

4.  We can arrange for minor or major property repairs, paint touch-ups and deep cleaning services.  We are a ONE-STOP service.  (See Item-10)

5.  There are NO UP-FRONT fees for our liquidation services, and our percentage fees are extremely competitive. 

6.  We have a huge and ever-growing database of our own buyers that we invite to every event.

7.  We use several forms of traditional and digital media to advertise ALL sale events.

8.  Our company has more than 42 years of secondary market sales experience, WORLDWIDE.

9.  We can customize a plan to suit any need.

10.  We are ALWAYS GROWING, and have now added professional cleaning services to our roster, in addition to contract handyman services and a licensed real estate agent on staff, so NOW, we can not only liquidate your personal property, we can CLEAN & MAKE REPAIRS, and then SELL your home for you!

11.  Finally, we are co-owners of two area storage facilities and we are establishing a franchise with POD Storage, so shortly, we will be able to assist with temporary or long-term storage.  Do it all in one place - do it with Villages Estate Liquidations, Inc.

No Estate Sale Company has more resources!  We have more people, more contract services, more equipment,  More sales venues, MORE FOR YOU!

Put the burden on us - we're ready to help.

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Services Provided Primarily in Lake, Marion, Sumter Citrus and Alachua Counties in Florida, Including The Villages

On-Site - REMOTE - Buy-Outs  Consignments - Clean Outs

*Experienced Certified Appraiser on Staff*
*Prompt, Professional Uniformed Associates*
*No Up-Front or out-of-pocket Costs*
*Very Competitive Fees*
*Our Own Lists of Qualified Buyers - WORLDWIDE*
*Over 42 Years Experience in Secondary Market Sales*
*Internet Specialists on Staff*
Customizable Plans to Suit ANY Situation*
*Special Rates for Current and Former Military*
Scroll to the bottom of the page for important information about one of our competitors, and their slander campaign against our company!

We have Multiple Sales Teams - Multiple Staging Teams - Multiple Clean-Out Teams, More Equipment, and a Broader Service Area, so we can help you ON YOUR SCHEDULE!

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Hello From Our Mascot

We are thrilled to announce that the President of our company, Dr. Michael Bowen, has decided to donate his entire 2019 salary to various charities that have a positive impact in and around our community!

That's $182,000.00 helping local causes all of 2019.  We are so very proud of him!
Our latest new climate-controlled stand-alone REMOTE SALE VENUE
 is located at:

13750 E. Highway 25
Ocklawaha, FL 32179

Come see us there Tuesday thru Sunday
9:00 - 3:30 Daily

This is the old historic Florida Power Building that was constructed in 1957

It was one of the areas first designated  

 NOW, it is packed to the roof with great antiques and lots of household and business bargains!


Hiring great new full & part-time folks to help us assist the best clients in the world!

INTERESTED?  Give us a call!
Villages Estate Liquidations, Inc., Estates  Appraisals, Sales & Auctions, Ocklawaha, FL
Liquidating Since 1977!

It has come to our attention that a minor local estate sale company comprised in majority of four of our former , (now disgruntled), employees has been spreading false and malicious information about our company and staff.  I guess if you can't compete with us, then just try to smear us!  

Of course, it's tough to smear a highly-successful Christian-Owned, Dun & Bradstreet-rated, 43 year-old company with an A+ Better Bureau Rating, that belongs to three different Chambers of Commerce and (11) professional organizations, not to mention one who supports (19) charities within our service area.  Particularly when that company has a client base almost triple the size of the next closest competitor, and who outsells the average tri-county provider by almost TEN to ONE.  We must be doing something right!

Our President/Owner/Local Philanthropist is a former GS-99 (Special Executive Services) government employee with the highest attainable security clearance offered, and he recently announced that he will be donating his entire 2019 salary to local charities.  That's $182,000.00 to assist with worthwhile causes in our service area during the 2019 year.  

We are VERY PROUD of our President and ALL of our associates!  We employ a very caring, knowledgeable and compassionate professional staff throughout our entire organization.  We run complete background checks on ALL of our associates, and we can provide a performance bond of up to $10,000,000.00 per project if needed.  (That's Right - up to TEN MILLION DOLLARS).  We already provide $4,000,000.00 each in Commercial General Liability  and Professional General Liability coverage  -  more than any local competitor.  We are registered Estate Liquidation providers to The State of Florida to appraise and liquidate estates of Florida citizens who pass away "intestate", that is with no will or heirs.  

About the SLANDER MONGERS:  Some of the leadership within the competitor company that constantly attempts to smear us have their own issues to consider.  They include  things like multiple prior bankruptcy filings, domestic abuse arrests, poor personal credit history, IRS liens, multiple divorce proceedings, numerous debt collections, copyright infringements, several previous failed business attempts and re-brandings, and much much more that we could tell you about, so we would ask you to consider the source, then consider whether or not you want people like that to handle your estate sale needs?

Some of the offending individuals even claim to have been part "owners" of our company, which IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE.  While three of the four former employees were offered Ownership Options, those were never exercised, and as our SunBiz data clearly indicates, none of them ever held ANY percentage of ownership in our business.   In fact, all four were completely inexperienced at estate sales when we hired them, and one of them constantly exhibited behaviors that we found disturbing, such as always wanting to "SPLIT" found money, jewelry and precious metals while staging an estate.  That's right, he asked numerous times to SPLIT-UP items of value among those who found them while staging a clients home!  Not once - MULTIPLE TIMES!  In one case the value of found items exceeded $2,000.00 and was promptly returned to the client by our OWNER, which is, and always has been our standard operating procedure.  We have returned tens of thousands of dollars in cash, bonds, jewelry and precious metals to clients.  We always will.  I've often wondered just how much that former employee, now part owner of his own estate sale company, SPLITS UP money that belongs to his clients?  Very Sad!

NOW, they have even taken over our Google Business listing and have posted their own pictures to our company listing, not to mention several BOGUS CLIENT REVIEWS to drag down our PERFECT 5-Star rating.  We are working with Google to correct the issue and to re-gain control of our site.  Seems they will stop at nothing!

So, after consideration, if you still have questions or concerns, feel free to contact our President, Dr. Michael Bowen,  directly at 352-817-5393, or E-Mail him at  That's his PERSONAL MOBILE NUMBER, and his PERSONAL DESKTOP E-MAIL ADDRESS  that he gives to every single client, so, if you hear gossip and negative remarks about us from a petty wanna-be competitor, we'd love to speak with you directly and set the record straight.  We have SO MUCH MORE that we can tell you about the slander mongers.  We can't possibly put all of the information here - It would take our whole web-site!  (-:    If it continues, we will probably sue them out of  existence.  Not that we could recover much - a few magnetic door signs, a handful of yard signs, and a box or two of business cards.  (-:

For the record, we don't like having to post this type of message, and only do so after more than a year of their bad behavior, and to quash the rumors that our loyal clients and patrons keep bringing to us after visiting an estate sale run by the folks perpetrating the slander.  

Our clients know our hearts and practices and already know that none of it is true, which is why they tell us that they will NEVER attend another sale held by the guilty parties.  We should also probably state that we have NEVER said one negative thing to any client about the individuals or the entity that continues to wrongfully bash us, and we never will.  They're doing enough damage to their own reputation without our help.

Thanks for the continued and ever-growing support of our amazing clients.  We look forward to serving you for 42 more years and beyond!