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Alzheimers’ Disease touches so many of our clients and their families, and has directly affected our own family in a profound way multiple times. That’s why, effective immediately, we will donate a portion of the net sale proceeds from each of our sales to the Alzheimer’s Association,, a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization.

One in nine families in the U.S. is currently affected by Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive dementia that steals the essence of the person, robbing them of their personal memories, personality, and all that made them the special person they were. This has been the case within our own family, THREE TIMES!

As a local business within the largest retirement community in America, we simply cannot continue to ignore the profound effect this condition afflicts upon so many in our local community. Please help us do what we can to help fund research to put an end to this.

Use our on-site, remote, consignment, buy-out, or clean-out services and we will donate a portion of our net sale proceeds to help with the cause, or you can donate to directly, by clicking on this link. Let’s end this terrible affliction