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                      There are several very important things to consider before hiring an estate sale                            company.  One important consideration is years of experience in their respective fields.  It's very likely that a company with extensive experience will be able to provide more efficient service with fewer unexpected obstacles. Ask your prospective company how many estate sales they have done. Our company averaged 6.6 sales per week in 2018, more than any other Central Florida Company.

Our company performed its first estate liquidation in 1977!

Another consideration is estate item valuation.  Does the company you are about to sign with have anyone on staff that has expertise in valuation of the types of items that you have to sell?  It's very likely that having an experienced personal property appraiser on staff will mean more precise valuation of your estate items resulting in a better sales outcome for you.  Some companies claim to have access to "numerous" certified appraisers.  Hardly likely since there are only four in Central Florida.  One of those does strictly insurance work, one works exclusively for our local museums, one is semi-retired, and our company employees THE OTHER ONE!  We provide licensing and certifications to all signed clients.

We have a certified appraiser on staff with 31 years experience.

A couple of the MOST IMPORTANT considerations are the two that are most often overlooked and rarely asked about.  They are the two that can not only ruin your sale, but  can damage you financially right now, and for the next twenty years or MORE!  Here's what you need to consider:

1.    Is the company you are about to hire INSURED?  If the company you hire is not properly insured for Commercial General Liability, YOU could be held liable for a slip & fall, or any other accident resulting from an injury during the course of your estate sale.   A single simple slip & fall accident case award settlement can be $1,000.000.00 or MORE, and you are left holding the bill if the company you hire is not insured!  A judgement of this type can be enforced for TWENTY years!  

Our company is insured for a minimum of $2,000,000.00 in General Commercial Liability, and will provide a state-recognized ACCORD certificate to all clients.

2.    Be sure the company you hire is insured for Professional General Liability.  If not, and something in your sale is misrepresented,  or an item from your sale is misused, resulting injury to another person or damage to their property, YOU could be liable for correcting the issue financially, long after the sale is over and the estate sale company has moved on.  

We carry $2,000,000.00 in Professional General Liability coverage.

3.    Ensure that the company you hire is BONDED.  You want to be sure that when the sale is over, you get PAID!  Our company is BONDED, with performance bond amounts of between $250,000.00 - $750,000.00, depending on the venue and the size of the contract.

4.    Most of all, (and this is the single most important), be sure the company you hire provides WORKERS' COMPENSATION for themselves and for their employees.  Even though Florida Law allows certain corporate officers to claim exemption from Workers' Compensation coverage, those exempt officers/managers and any employee of that person is entitled to W/C benefits in the event of an on-the-job injury.  

Florida law considers YOU, (the CLIENT),  an EMPLOYER in this regard, and the Estate Sale Company that you hire is your SUB-CONTRACTOR.  Like any other Contractor/Sub-Contractor agreement in Florida, If the company you hire does not provide W/C coverage, and one of their exempt officers or employees is injured in the course of your sale, YOU can be held liable for their medical bills and up to 60% of their lost wages for THE REST OF THEIR LIVES!   If a company approaches you that does not have proof of Workers' Compensation Insurance, RUN!  

Our company is proud to provide FULL Workers' Compensation Coverage through The Travelers Insurance Group, and The Hartford!

Legal Considerations Before Hiring an Estate Sale Provider: