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How Estate Sales Really Work - What YOU Need to Know!

Choose Carefully!​

It's a daunting task! You've lost a loved one, perhaps a loved one who lived in a place far away from where you reside. Now, you are faced with the what and the how regarding liquidation of your loved ones personal property, and you want to do your due diligence, hopefully receiving an equitable settlement for what your loved one spent a lifetime accumulating.

This is all too common in our Great State of Florida, where so many flock annually to retire and enjoy the beautiful surroundings that Central Florida has to offer. One such area is The Villages Florida, a wonderful mecca of retirement villages and homes of all sizes, most golf-cart friendly, and a place that seniors can enjoy their golden years while their extended families come from all over to share good times with them in their retirement havens.

Now, you find yourself facing the sale and liquidation of your loved ones real and personal property, and you are looking at that task from hundreds of miles away. You need to find a company or individual you can trust to do several things in your absence.  

I personally realized long ago, (we've been doing liquidation sales since 1977), just how difficult it would be for me to turn over the keys to my parents' home while I reside hundreds of miles away, and my own daily obligations require my presence at home. How could I possibly turn over the task of evaluating and appraising everything my deceased loved one worked hard and sacrificed for their entire lives - especially a person or company representative I had never met?

I can safely say that I would struggle with that decision, just as I am sure that many of our clients did before they realized that we really do care about what we're doing, and we go way beyond expectations to show that we are sensitive to our clients needs, their feelings, and that we show deep respect for the loss of their loved ones. It's more than a job to us - it always has been.

So, what do you look for?

First, look for a company with experience and a track record. We've been doing liquidations since 1977. We have forty+ years experience in residential and commercial liquidations, and we have evaluated and sold everything from airplanes to Ziebart figurines. Some of our sales have included bulldozers, heavy equipment, crew boats, transmission towers, silos, tractors, trucks, ATV's, boats of all kinds, Major electronics, radio station equipment, complete computer data systems with hundreds of terminals, and just about anything you can think of.

Our real love is personal property Estate Sales. We enjoy working with families and getting to know something about their lost loved ones, so we can honor their memories and pay respect to their lives, not just liquidate their belongings. We stand in awe to the greatness of the members of previous generations, appreciating how they lived and what they accomplished. We have made friends over the last forty years that we have to this day.

We have received hundreds of positive feedbacks regarding our services over the years. We never post them on our web-site. Anybody can make up hundreds of reviews and post them - it takes a lot of hard work, caring and dedication to earn them, and we let our actions and interactions speak for themselves!

So, after you find an established and experienced company with staff who will care about you and your family, make sure that company has the connections to ensure a successful sale event. Our company has more than 9,000 regular followers spanning forty years, including thousands of licensed dealers. Our sale turnouts are absolutely amazing, with more than 1200 people typically attending one of our 3-day events. We are Premium members of all three national estate sale sites,,, and Additionally, we typically advertise on up to (72) print and digital media sites, including several of our own social media sites.

Make sure the company you hire is INSURED, and that they provide you with ACCORD certificates as proof of coverage for Commercial General Liability, Professional General Liability, and Workers' Compensation coverages. If a person is injured at your sale event, even one of your estate sale providers employees, YOU can be held liable if the company you hire is not properly insured!

Finally, ask about other services. Does the company you are considering offer personal document preservation and shipping? Will they protect your family photographs and memories like they were their own? Do they offer minor home repairs, wall patching, carpet cleaning, painting, etc.? When you're hundreds of miles away, it's so much easier to have one company orchestrate all of the little things for you. We are that company.

Does the estate you need to liquidate have high-value asset items that require special consideration or appraisal? We have a certified appraiser on staff with more than 27-years continuous experience.

What to Expect:

Make sure your company uses tamper-proof labels on your items, (grocery-store type labels that can't be easily removed from one item and placed on another)
Some companies still use a pen and masking tape to mark sale items, making it easy for some to swap the price tags on items. We use Monarch Pricing labels on all items. Some companies still write sales down on a legal pad. We use digital point-of-sale systems to accept all major credit cards on your behalf, and to ensure that you receive credit for every single item sold. With our POS software, you can call us anytime during the sale and we can tell you where you stand at that moment at the touch of a button.

Did your loved one reside in a deed-restricted community with an HOA that restricts or forbids on-site estate sales? No problem. We can very often pack the entire home contents and move it to one of our remote venues for sale. No job is too big for us.

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